May 12, 2009

Just when you thought you had heard it all……BAM!


We bring you another concept- the 8.25″ wide by 31″ long concept wooden skate deck.

We were trying to come up with the best name possible, so we now will unveil to you its name:


another great concept from PBSboards.wordpress.com



May 11, 2009

You guessed it- we have come up with the newest concept called 80X31.5 for a wooden skateboard.

It is made of wood, and measures 8.0″ wide by 31.5″ length- that’s right it is made of wood, so it is wood colored.

It is a skateboard deck!


May 11, 2009

we are kicking it off with this exciting skateboard deck called PBS 75×31.25 made out of wood, for all you fans of skateboards made out of wood that are 7.5″ x 31.25″ in dimension.